Our breeding's will be few and far between, we hope to offer only quality puppies at the right point in our life and our bitches. All of our breeding's will be from quality, standard, health tested dogs, with the goal to only improve upon them in their offspring! If you find yourself interested in a upcoming breeding or a dog we have, feel free to answer our puppy questionnaire (click here) and join our waiting list to see what arrives. We are also happy to recommend some other excellent litters!

We will have the puppies' dewclaws removed, tails docked and ears cropped. They will be seen by our veterinarian and they will have their shots and worming up to date when leaving. The pups will be allowed to go to their new homes after they have had their ears cropped and stitches removed.

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Unless there are some cosmetic faults that are evident early on, we will not know which puppies will be available as pets or as show puppies until we do our evaluation at 8 weeks. We will not only evaluate their conformation but their temperaments as well. Each litter will be temperament tested by our Schutzhund trainer. We follow the rules of 7 and early neurological stimulation with every litter, as well. Pet puppies will be placed on a limited registration and will be required to be spayed/neutered. Show puppies will be put on full registration and required to meet our show contract. We may also choose to hold on to show puppies to see how they mature.

We do guarantee the health of our puppies. We will also take our puppies back for any reason during their lifetime.

Our puppies are socialized with other dogs and with children. We live in the country so they are exposed to all the noises and surroundings of a farm. Puppies are raised with loving care in our home, spending their first weeks of life as our babies!

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"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." -- Ben Williams
Puppies are here!
We have 7 red/rust puppies! Born November 23rd
CH D'Ray's the Buck Stops Here (Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal, VWD Clear, Thyroid Normal, Holter Normal)
CH Old Drum's Risky Business (Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal, VWD Clear, Thyroid Normal, Holter Normal)