Old Drum Dobermans
Puppy Questionnaire

1. What is your name, house address and email address?   

2. What is your telephone number? 

3. What pets do you currently own? 


4. What breed(s) of dogs have you owned in the past? Where did you get them? If they have passed away, how did they pass?   

5. What activities did you do with the dogs you owned in the past or that you presently own?   

6. Have you ever owned a Doberman? If yes, please tell me about it/them.  

7. Is the puppy for you or someone else? If someone else, please explain.  

8. What other breeds did you consider? Why?   

9. What training research have you done? What training books do you own?   

10. Do you understand a normal, well-cared for Doberman will live to be around 9 years old?

11. Are you willing to commit to a dog for it's lifetime?

12. What are your living accommodations?

If you rent, are you allowed pets?   

13. Do you have a yard?

If so, describe it, it's size and fencing. If not fenced, how do you intend to confine the dog?   

14. How do you intend to exercise the dog?    

15. Will the dog be kept primarily indoors or outdoors?   

16. Are you planning to crate train your puppy? Explain why or why not.   

17. Do you have children? If so, what are their ages? How do you plan to teach your children the proper handling and respect for a dog?   

18. Who will be the primary care giver for the dog?  

19. What will you do with the dog if you have to move? What if your new accommodations don't allow dogs?   

20. Does anyone in your household have allergies? Is so, explain.   

21. Does the lifestyle of your family allow for sufficient time to be spent with a puppy? Please explain.   

22. Where will your dog stay when you go on vacation?   

23. What is your vet's name and phone number?   

24. How do you plan to socialize your puppy?   

25. What do you consider to be the average yearly cost of owning a Doberman?

26. What type of behavior do you expect from a puppy? What will you do if the pup's behavior changes and becomes a problem?   

27. What type of behavior do you expect from an adult dog? What will you do if that behavior changes and becomes a problem?   

28. What type of training do you plan to do with a Doberman?   

29. What will you do if you are not able to keep the dog for any reason? 

30. Are you interested in a male or female Doberman?

31. Are you interested in a show, performance or pet quality puppy?

32. Have you considered showing the Doberman in conformation?

33. Have you considered Obedience, Tracking, Agility or Schutzhund?

34. Do you plan to join any breed or dog related clubs? If so, which ones?   

35. What are your views on spaying/neutering? If you are against spaying/neutering, explain why.  

36. Would you be willing to sign a spay/neuter contract for your puppy? If not, why? 

37. Are you interested in breeding your Doberman?   

38. Are you familiar with OFA and the testing of hips, elbows, heart and thyroid?   

39. Are you familiar with the health-related problems associated with Dobermans?   

40. Do you understand that Dobermans are large dogs and can be destructive?    

41. Will you be taking your Doberman to obedience classes?    

42. What do you consider to be a good reason to euthanize a dog? Please explain.  

43. What brand and type of food do you plan to feed your puppy? Adult dog?   

44. What would be your first choice color of your puppy?

Do you have a second choice? 

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